The M-44 range, formulated by Laboratoires CARILENE, is composed of a lotion and a shampoo. M-44 help slow down hair loss. M-44 Formulas are the combination of high-concentration Organic Silicium with Oxidized Glycerol Triesters of vegetable origin. These formulations, tested clinically, have shown beneficial effects on the repair of damaged hair, as well as on improving the quality of the hair. M-44 Lotion strengthens the hair and increases its diameter by 6%. The M-44 Shampoo is rich in high concentration Organic Silicium. It complements and optimizes the care dealing with the M-44 Lotion. It strengthens and extends its beneficial effects. Regular use of M-44 Shampoo with M-44 Lotion provides anti-static and restructuring action. Organic Silicium is a vital part of the hair. Silicium deficiency is one of the factors likely to cause hair loss. The high-concentration Organic Silicium makes it possible to reach the deep structures of the hair and to obtain results of slowing down, therefore, limits the fall of the hair.


‘’Single-center, randomized, open trial comparing the efficacy and cosmetic acceptability of minoxidil 2% with M44 in the treatment of male androgenic alopecia’’


Prof. Louis Dubertret, Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris- France (1994)
Doctor P. Reygagne, Sabouraud Health Center, Paris-France


Single- center, randomized, open trial


Trial carried out with Phototrighogram on a period of 9 months.

2 groups of 36 patients aged from 18 to 57 years old.

Each patient received either M44 or minoxidil for a period of 6 months.

Patients of the minoxidil group applied minoxidil twice daily: 1 ml of minoxidil 2% on the morning, 1ml of minoxidil 2% on the evening.

Patients of the M44 group applied 2 ml of M44 once a day on the morning.

- Primary endpoint : efficacy of the products on hair loss
- Secondary endpoint : cosmetic acceptability

For the two groups, treatment was stopped after six months of treatment. A control visit was requested at M9, three months after the end of the treatment.


1. Efficacy of treatments

The percentage of Anagen hair increased significantly in the two groups at M3 (+7, 4% and 7, 3% in absolute)

A/T ratio: between M0 and M6, the ration A/T increased in the M44 group (3, 02 at M0 and 3, 19 at M6) while the ration decreased in the minoxidil group (3.21 at M0 and 2.83 at M6).

Hair diameter increase: means diameters measured in microns increased in the two groups. At M3, the increase in percentage is slightly superior for the M44 group (6, 45% for M44 and +5, 30% for minoxidil). At M6, the increase was stagnant for the two groups. At M9, the results achieved are maintained for the M44 group. Hair falls out again for the minoxidil group.

2. Tolerance – cosmetic acceptability

The cosmetic acceptability was widely superior to that of minoxidil. Users appreciated the pleasant odor, the lack of irritation, the non-stickiness of the product as well as the easiness of application once a day.


The clinical study was published in the French scientific journal ‘’Les Nouvelles Dermatologiques’’ –Volume 16 – N°2 - 1997