Number of studies have been carried out with Formule 3 oil.
Among them:


STUDY 1 - "Efficacy of Formule 3 oil on recovery after effort in top-level athletes".  Dr Fossier, Sport medical specialist at Racing Club’s medical department in Colombes – France.

STUDY 2 - "Efficacy of Formule 3 oil applied to a group of subjects presenting predominantly sports-induces pain of traumatologic or inflammatory origin". Michel Franco & Jean-Louis Carpentier, Physiotherapists, Paris – France.

STUDY 3 - "Experimentation of Formule 3 oil on improved performance and recovery in patients presenting sports-induced pain of traumatologic or inflammatory origin". Dr Pierre Wagner and Dr Claude Poirier, Sport medical specialists, Nimes – France.

STUDY 4 - "Efficacy of Formule 3 oil on algo-traumatologic and inflammatory various cases". Dr J. Molinié, Head Physician of the Inter-army Sports Division, Fontainebleau – France

STUDY 5 - "Efficacy of Formule 3 oil on patients suffering from tendinitis of the upper and lower limbs". Dr Renée-Liliane Dreiser, Rheumatologist, Paris - France.


STUDY 1 - Open study on 16 athletes and 4 top-level rugby men comparing Formule 3 with the reference product. Top-level athletes who were included in this protocol were regularly massaged by the same physiotherapists with the reference product in order to assess any differences observed. The subjects included in this study were massaged about 3 times a week during a period of 1 to 8 weeks only with Formula 3. Each massage took about 30 minutes.

STUDY 2 - Open study on 23 sportsmen and women practicing ‘’Kick- boxing’’, rugby, tennis, football, basket-ball, English boxing, Judo, dance. Formule 3 was administered by nocturnal application of compresses imbibed of the oil and by massages three times daily.

STUDY 3 - Open study on 113 sportsmen and women practicing French Weightlifting Team, riders, swimmers, gymnasts, wrestlers, skiers, rugby players, football players… Formule 3 oil was applied in two forms: by compresses imbibed of the oil after trauma and by massages before and after physical effort.

STUDY 4 - Open study on 59 top-level sportmen and women presenting various trauma and hematoma. The oil was administered in compresses applied twice daily.

STUDY 5 - Double-blind, randomized study versus placebo on 50 patients aged between 18 and 70 suffering from recent acute tendinitis of the upper or lower limb. Dosage was twice daily application by light massage. After application, a bandage was recommended.


STUDY 1 - The action of Formule 3, judged to be good or excellent by ¾ of the subjects in our study make it a useful and original factor during post-training or post-competition recovery in the top-level athlete.
The Formule 3 qualities :

• Prevention of contractures
• Action on recovery
• Excellent penetration
• Perfect tolerance

STUDY 2 - As a general rule, use of the test substance in sportsmen allowed us to demonstrate the properties of Formule 3, manifest as follows, without associated therapy:

• Rapid action on pain
• Hematoma resorption
• Action on inflammation, as a function of severity and etiology thereof

STUDY 3 - The results confirm our opinion regarding the test substance, which has systematically allowed us to gain precious time in putting top sportsmen and professionals "back in the field". This is of particular importance in a domain where patients consistently demand rapide resumption of activities.

STUDY 4 - "Highly satisfactory results in contracture, highly satisfactory results in muscular tension, remarkable action in treatment of trauma".

STUDY 5 - The results observed indicate a statistically significant difference in favour of the active product for the following criteria:

  • • Pain evaluation using Huskisson’s scale (p<0.025)
  • • Spontaneous pain evaluation during resting (p<0.05)
  • • Time taken for improvement (p<0.05)
  • • Patient’s opinion (p<0.01)
  • • Doctor’s final judgement (p<0.05): number of good results is significantly higher in the treated group.